Barbi Dhe Tre Musketieret (Barbie and the Three Musketeers) - 2009 - Filma Te Dubluar Ne Shqip


Just like her famous Musketeer father, the seventeen-year-old dreamer, Corinne (Kelly Sheridan), yearns to become a brave fighter to protect the French royal family. From the rural landscapes of sixteenth century Gascony, the skilful fencer will find herself in Paris along with her feline companion, Miette (Amelia Henderson), and her horse, Alexander (David Kaye), only to discover that girls are not allowed to become Musketeers. Now, more than ever, Corinne wants to follow her dream - and much to her surprise - the fellow scullery maids, Viveca (Kira Tozer), Aramina (Willow Johnson), and Renée (Dorla Bell), share the same passion. Trained by an unexpected sword master, the four talented girls will have to work as one to thwart an insidious plan and defend the life of the young Prince Louis (Mark Hildreth). However, are they meant to be the first female Musketeers?